[vc_row parallax= »content-moving » parallax_image= »1310″ css= ».vc_custom_1471523143245{padding-top: 220px !important;padding-bottom: 170px !important;} »][vc_column][vc_single_image image= »575″ img_size= »medium » alignment= »center »][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width= »1/3″][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Add-File » layout= »boxed » title= »Page Builder »]We include the most popular WordPress Page Builder of all time, Visual Composer, for FREE with every purchase.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Add-Window » layout= »boxed » title= »One Page Sites »]Don’t want a huge site? Sure! Just set up a single page site and include everything you need right there in one page!

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Arrow-Mix » layout= »boxed » title= »Revolution Slider »]A $19 value included FREE with your purchase of Pillar, Revolution Slider makes it easy to make unlimited sliders of your dreams.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Cash-Register » layout= »boxed » title= »WooCommernce »]Pillar offers full compatibility with the world’s number one e-commerce platform, WooCommerce – you can create your perfect shop in seconds.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Numbering-List » layout= »boxed » title= »Pricing Tables »]Create simple and flexible pricing tables with Pillar’s awesome Pricing Tables block.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Palette » layout= »boxed » title= »Custom Colors »]Taylor Pillar to your needs with simple custom colors pickers, powered by the WordPress customizer.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-File-HorizontalText » layout= »boxed » title= »Extensive Documentation »]Pillar is backed up by our extensive online documentation, ready to view whenever you need it.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Split-Horizontal2Window » layout= »boxed » title= »Footer Variations »]Flexible and useful footer styles that can be changes per-page, provided by Pillar.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][/vc_column][vc_column width= »1/3″][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Brush » layout= »boxed » title= »Customizer »]You’ll feel right at home with the theme options in Pillar using the WordPress Live Customizer to see your changes instantly.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Receipt-4″ layout= »boxed » title= »Mega Menu »]If you want a powerful Mega Menu without the hassle, check out Ebor Mega Menu in Pillar, fast, simple and powerful.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Text-Box » layout= »boxed » title= »Icon Fonts »]Retina Ready, crisp and sharp font based icons are ready for you in Pillar. Over 2000 to choose from in total!

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Bold-Text » layout= »boxed » title= »Google Fonts »]Pillar is compatible with the powerful Easy Google Fonts plugin, giving you total control of the already stylish typography within Pillar.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Magnifi-Glass2″ layout= »boxed » title= »Navbar Search »]Your users can find the content they need in seconds using Pillar’s sleek, fullscreen navbar search feature.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Diamond » layout= »boxed » title= »Custom Logo »]Represent your brand in with ease with Pillar’s simple to use custom logos.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Add-Window » layout= »boxed » title= »Powerful Modals »]Grab your audiences attention with Pillar’s flexible and powerful modal module.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Movie-Ticket » layout= »boxed » title= »Video Documentation »]Pillar is backed up by our extensive video documentation, ready to view whenever you need it.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][/vc_column][vc_column width= »1/3″][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Laptop-Tablet » layout= »boxed » title= »Responsive Design »]Want your site to look and function great on all devices and computers? Pillar has you covered with fantastic Responsive Design.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Text-HighlightColor » layout= »boxed » title= »Multiple Portfolios »]We’ve put together some of the most popular Portfolio layouts for Pillar, and a few original ones also, see what the fuss is about.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Servers » layout= »boxed » title= »Demo Content »]Full Demo Content is provided with Pillar, and it so simple to setup, you will be ready to rock in no time.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Genius » layout= »boxed » title= »Testimonials »]Show off your glowing feedback in style with Pillar’s stylish, yet powerful Testimonials block.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Globe-2″ layout= »boxed » title= »WPML Certified »]Translate your site with ease using the world finest translation plugin, WPML. Pillar offers full compatibility making translations a breeze.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Tongue » layout= »boxed » title= »Rockstar Support »]Here at TommusRhodus, we take pride in providing outstanding support to our customers.

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Full-View2″ layout= »boxed » title= »Header Variations »]Pillar is packed with all the header styles you could wish for,

See More[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon= »icon-Mail » layout= »boxed » title= »Contact Form 7″]Pillar is compatible with the worlds number one form plugin, Contact Form 7

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